Photo report from concert held on July 22, 2015

On July 22, 2015, Lolisanam organized a concert in the Museum that featured music and dance from Tajikistan, as well as brilliant MCs! Anisa Sabiri presented poetic explanations in Russian linked to what was played on stage, and Kyle Olsen created a relaxed atmosphere with his unique style of public speech! Give lessons on that, Kyle! Dances were performed by Natalie Nayun, whereas the music group was composed of Shawqmamad Pulodov, Gulomsho Safarov, Kurbonisen Alishaev, Ikrom Sattorov and Bekhruzsho Gulonshoev. Also, on stage, the band was accompanied by and American pianist, composer and etрno-musicologist Katie Freeze, studying music from the Pamirs. For more photos see the link –

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