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New address

Dear visitors,

Due to construction of a car park near Vefa Centre on Buhoro street in Dushanbe, we were obliged to relocate to a new address, about one kilometer from the historical location of Gurminj Zavkibekov house. Our new home is a private house located at 8, Shota Rustaveli street – near MBO language school and IOM Tajikistan office.

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Gurminj Museum trio in Krakow, Poland

18 October 2016 in Krakow, Poland, Polish project Stara Rzeka featured Gurminj Museum resident trio of Badakhshan musicians permanently rehearsing our museum. They alo presented a separate set of their own. Ghulomsho Safarov sang and played Pamiri tanbur and rubab, along with Shawqmamad Pulodov, singer also playing Pamiri rubab and tanbur, as well as nai, accompanied by Kurbonisen Alishaev, percussionist playing daf, tavlak, etc. in SAMO band.

Tajik musicians met their peers from Poland within Un:sound Dislocation Dushanbe event that took place in Tajikistan between end of September and beginning of October 2016.

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ZAFAR rock band at Gurminj Museum, Sept 19, 18h00

The new concert season at Gurminj Museum will be open on September 19, 2014, by ZAFAR rock band. Doors opening at 6 p.m., entrance fee 20 somoni.

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Trailer of the movie “SHAMS at the ROOF OF THE WORLD”

As a result of the travel of the “SHAMS” music band to Khorog in July 2013 to take part to the Festival “ROOF OF THE WORLD”, Zarina Oripova, a media trainee of Bactria Cultural Centre, with contribution from Marina Platonova, created a study documentary “SHAMS at the ROOF OF THE WORLD” under mentorship from Alisher Primkulov, curator of the media traineeship program within the project “Promotion of traditional and fusion music genres in Tajikistan” supported by The Christensen Fund and IFCD UNESCO.

We are proud to present the trailer of the documentary in low resolution for faster screening.

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