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Navruz 2017 in Gurminj Museum, concert of group SAMO

Gurminj Museum in its coutyard hosted an hour long Navruz concert of group SAMO under the title “Rose and nightingale”. SAMO performed together with a volunteer, Pamiri dance enthusiast.

Rainy weather did not prevent audience from showing up at the concert. there was about fifty audience members, among them Tajiks and foreign visitors.

Unique atnosphere of the afternoon festivities is depicted in photos – see the photo album

and one of the video fragments

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Itineris TV show on ARTE channel on music and culture of Tajikistan

A year ago, Itineris TV show running on ARTE satellite channel supported by France and Germany, presented two sequences on Tajikistan, one on Tajik music and culture, shot in Dushanbe (the video has a record number of views on VIMEO channel of the producer company of the TV show, UNICAP Televisions), and the other one shot in Rasht / Gharm on AKDN-supported rural development initiatives.

Itineris: Tajikistan – Dushanbe and the traditional music of Tajikistan

Itineris Tajikistan – Rasht valley

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Videos on Tajik traditional music

Journey to the Roots. Custodians of Tajik musical traditions – An 80-minutes documentary/Tajik traditional music compilation produced in 2009-2011 by Bactria Cultural Center (Sergey Chutkov, Kirill Kuzmin), sound by Ikbol Zavkibekov and Pulod Pulodov, videos by Aleksey Rumyancev and Alla Rumyanceva, script by Kaim Khakimov, with support from the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation and Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation Tajikistan.

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Photo report from concert held on July 22, 2015

On July 22, 2015, Lolisanam organized a concert in the Museum that featured music and dance from Tajikistan, as well as brilliant MCs! Anisa Sabiri presented poetic explanations in Russian linked to what was played on stage, and Kyle Olsen created a relaxed atmosphere with his unique style of public speech! Give lessons on that, Kyle! Dances were performed by Natalie Nayun, whereas the music group was composed of Shawqmamad Pulodov, Gulomsho Safarov, Kurbonisen Alishaev, Ikrom Sattorov and Bekhruzsho Gulonshoev. Also, on stage, the band was accompanied by and American pianist, composer and etрno-musicologist Katie Freeze, studying music from the Pamirs. For more photos see the link –

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Concert “Ancient traditions of falak”, May 12, 2013

A concert by musicians coming from the South of Tajikistan, including a wonderful dutor virtuoso Abdurauf Sultonov.

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Concert on July 19, 2013, Traditional Music of Zaravshan valley

Family ensemble of Abdumajid Avezov from Panjrud village (Zerafshan) playing live at the Gurminj Museum. Entrance for the benefith of the Museum = 15 somoni.

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